Who is Shortest Man in the World

Shortest Man in the World

In the world of technology where internet and electronic media is the major source of information, people now have more awareness about the dwarfism and other medical conditions. Dwarfism is not a new condition it follows the human beings from the ancient times. With the development of medical science now we know about the medical conditions or disorders which produce a strange abnormality in the body of human being such as a bone disorders i-e osteogenesis imperfect, which suppresses the human body to reach its adult size but there are some other conditions which cause dwarfism like deficiency of hormones and many reasons are still unknown in the medical field. In the people with dwarfism, many diseases are present due to which they are unable to live a normal happy life.

Shortest man in the world

Shortest Man

The shortest man in the world was Chandra Bahadur Dangi. He was born on November 30, 1939, in Nepal. Chandra was the recorded shortest man in the history of the world with undeniable evidence. The last measured height of the Chandra was 1 feet 9.5 inches (54.6 cm) and he broke the previous record of the Gul Muhammad with the height of 1 ft. 10 inches (57 cm).

He was noticed by the media when a wood contractor in his village saw him in the district of Dang, Nepal. In 2012 his height was recorded and named him as the world shortest man and he was included in the Guinness World Records at that time. Three brothers of Chandra had the height less than 4 feet while other two brother and sisters had the normal height as compared to the average human height.

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At the age of 72 in 2012 he met with world shortest woman from India named Jyoti Amge and this pair records the photo-shoot at the 57th edition of the Guinness World Record during the year 2013. In the year 2014 at London, he met with the world tallest living person Sultan Kosen as a part of Guinness World Record. He said that he has the wish to travel around the beautiful world.

Chandra died at the Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center in Pago Pago which is the territorial capital of American Samoa. He died at the age of 75 and the reason for his death was not specific but according to Kathmandu Post, he had the Pneumonia previously.
Know the list of verified shortest people.

Living shortest men

There are many people who have dwarfism but some have the intense kind and much shorter than the normal dwarf. Some are given below.

Edward Nino Hernandez is the living person with the shortest height with 25 inches. He is the smallest man in the Columbia. He was born in 1986 and was the previous record holder in Guinness World Record.

Lin Yu-Chih is another shortest man on the face of the earth and he has the height of 26.6 inches and he was born in 1972. He is now bounded to the wheelchair due to poor condition. He is living in the capital of Taiwan and he is also the author and social activist.

Tallest man in the world and who is present Tallest

Tallest man in the world

When it comes to the tallness every human has a certain height and most of the time it is genetically transferred from our parents that how we grow but sometimes environmental factors play their roles in our body structure. National Centre for Health showed the statistics about the average height of the young male adult and according to those statistics average height of men is 5 feet and 9 inches (69.3 inches). The height of humans differs with the country or continent like in the countries of Bosnia, Herzegovina and Netherland the average height of the men adults is above than the six feet while in some part of Asia specifically in Southeast Asian countries Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam the average height of adults is 5 feet and 4 inches and in the Sudan area of Nile the average height of men is 6 feet 3 inches. As I said earlier genetics plays a vital role in determining the height of a person but it is not true in all cases even a tallest father can give a child with shorter height and vice versa.

Tallest man ever

The tallest man in the world history with no doubts was Robert Pershing Wadlow. He was born on 5 February 1918 in Illinois USA. Robert was measured last time on 27 June in 1940 and he was 9 feet 11.1 inches tall at that time. On his 21st birthday his weight was 222.71 kg and this weight is the highest weight of his body in his lifespan while at the time of his death the weight measured was 199 kg.

The size of his shoe was 47 cm (37AA) while arm span of Robert was 9 feet 5.75 inches (2.88 meters) and the size of his hand from wrist to tip of the middle finger was 12.75 inches (32.4 cm). Food consumption of Robert on daily basis was near about 8000 calories on his peak days of life and this amount is three times larger than a normal person’s food. He was able to lift his father named Harold F. Waldow to the roof of a family home at the age of nine and the weight of his father at that time was 77 kg.

Robert died on July 15 during 1940 and he was buried in the cemetery of Oakwood, Alton. The reason for his death was septic blister on his right side ankle.

Living Tallest Man

The living tallest man of the world is Sultan Kosen who was measured last time on February 8, 2011. He was born on December 10, 1982, in the major city of Turkey named Ankara. According to the last measurement in 2011, the height of Sultan Kosen was 8 feet 2.8 inches. Guinness World record knows about the only ten people who reached the mark of 8 feet and Sultan Kosen is one of them.

Sultan Kusan was announced to be the tallest man of the world in the year 2009 at that time his height was 8 feet 1 inch. He is also the person who holds the record of larger hands with 28.5 cm. The reason behind his abnormal height is due to the overproduction of his growth hormones.

What is Full Form of DNA

DNA Full Form

DNA full form is Deoxyribonucleic Acid), an atom encoding the hereditary guidelines utilized in the improvement and working of all known living beings. DNA carries all the information about a person’s characteristics such as height, hair color, skin color, eyes color and even by birth diseases are due to DNA. Its structure was first depicted by Nobel Prize winners Crick and Watson in 1953. The data in DNA is put away as a code made up of four synthetic bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). The DNA bases combine up with one another, A with T and C with G, to shape units called base sets. A base, sugar and phosphate combined together are called nucleotide. They are formed in shape of a winding. The structure of the twofold helix is fairly similar to a stepping stool, with the base sets shaping the stepping stool’s rungs and the sugar and phosphate particles framing the vertical sidepieces of the stepping stool.

DNA Full Form

Worked out the base combines in DNA make a grouping, e.g. A T A T C G C G G C T A T A A T G C. Over 99.9% of those bases are the equivalent in all individuals. The request, or grouping, of the letters decides the data accessible for building and keeping up a life form, like the manner by which letters of the letters in order show up in a specific request to frame words and sentences.

Inside cells, DNA is dealt with into long structures called chromosomes. Most DNA occurs in the cell center, anyway, a little aggregate can in like manner be found in the mitochondria. These are specific structures inside cells, furnishing compound essentials and furthermore with various limits. This DNA is abbreviated as mtDNA.

Each human conveys two duplicates of the hereditary code, one acquired from the mother and one from the dad, somewhere in the range of 6 billion letters altogether. Aside from indistinguishable twins, no two people have the equivalent hereditary code. Except for the egg and sperm cells, every one of the cells of our bodies has 23 sets of chromosomes, 46 taking all things together. One chromosome of the combine is acquired from the dad and one from the mother.

In sexual proliferation in well-evolved creatures the DNA in the sperm and egg signs up so homologous successions are lined up with one another. This is trailed by a trade of hereditary data to shape another recombined chromosome which is passed on to the posterity. Cell division at that point happens and the chromosomes are copied during the time spent DNA replication, giving every phone its own entire arrangement of chromosomes. The twofold stranded structure of DNA gives a straightforward instrument to DNA replication. In this procedure the two strands are isolated and after that, each strand’s correlative DNA arrangement is reproduced by a chemical.

Note that DNA just gets by in nature for around 500,000 years. This implies recuperation of DNA from most fossils is unthinkable.

KFC Full Form | Founder of KFC

KFC Full Form

KFC full form is “Kentucky Fried Chicken” an American fast food restaurant specializes in fried chicken. It was found by Colonel Harland Sanders. KFC’s headquarter is located in Louisville(for inside America) and in Dallas (for global), Kentucky Fried Chicken, it is a second largest chain of restaurants(based on number of sales) after MacDonald’s. According to 2015, it has 20,000 outlets in 123 countries. Its first outlet was opened on September 24, 1952 (66 years ago). KFC full form “Kentucky Fried Chicken” had a total revenue of US$23 billion in 2013. The products offered by KFC are Fried Chicken, Salads, French fries, Chicken Sandwiches, Wraps, Desserts, Soft Drinks, Breakfast and Krushems(which means Milkshakes).

K.F.C. Full Form

KFC full form is “Kentucky Fried Chicken” is among the first American fast food chains to expand internationally. Their original product is pressure fried chicken pieces. It is a recipe of 11 herbs and spices. In Early 90’s they expanded the menu by offering some other chicken products such as wraps, salad, chicken fillet and side dishes. As KFC full form is “Kentucky Fried Chicken” is a multinational brand they have branches in 123 countries some of them are Malaysia, China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, UK, Mexico, USA etc. The list of countries proves that Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) is available in developed as well as in underdeveloped countries.


Since the start of the 21st century, junk food has been censured for its creature welfare record, its connects to stoutness and its ecological effect. Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation (2002) and Morgan Spurlock’s film Super Size Me (2004) mirrored these worries. Since 2003, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has dissented KFC’s decision of poultry providers around the world. The special case is KFC Canada, which consented to an arrangement swearing to just utilize “creature amicable” providers. PETA has held a huge number of shows, now and then in the main residences of “Kentucky Fried Chicken” officials, and CEO David Novak was prominently absorbed phony blood by a nonconformist. Leader of KFC’s US division Gregg Dedrick said PETA misrepresented “Kentucky Fried Chicken” as a poultry maker as opposed to a buyer of chickens.

In 2006, Greenpeace blamed KFC full form is “Kentucky Fried Chicken” Europe for sourcing the soya bean for its chicken feed from Cargill, which had been blamed for clearing extensive swathes of the Amazon rainforest with the end goal to become the crop.

Advantages of KFC:

1. A proper and tasty meal is easily available.
2. It is pretty much economical as compare to platters.
3. For young people (such as students) can have meal with friends.
4. Sometimes offers like on getting 2 meals you get some amount of discount provides a lot cheaper food.

Disadvantages of KFC:

1. Quality of food, oil etc
2. Safety precautions for cleanliness are not taken on most of the restaurants.
3. Sometimes food is not healthy.
4. Excessive amount of fast food can cause excessive fat.
5. Food is not good enough for nourishment.

Due to above-mentioned reasons it is a good option to take food prepared at your home.

USB Full Form | Advantages and Disadvantages

USB full form is Universal Serial Bus. It is an industry standard that establishes specifications for cables, connectors and protocols for connection, communication and power supply between the computers and the peripheral devices which work as plug and play objects. It was designed for standardization of connections of peripherals like keyboards, pointing devices, digital and video cameras, printers, portable media players, disk drives and network adapters to personal computers, both to communicate and to supply electric power. It has largely replaced interfaces like serial and parallel ports and has become commonplace on a wide range of devices. USB connectors are continuously replacing other types of connectors for battery chargers of portable devices.

USB is widely used for data transfer from one device to another device as well. USB full form ports are available on many devices nowadays such as Computers, Laptops etc. Even televisions have USB ports to watch recorded videos or saved content. There are different versions of USB full form cable and devices available the version 1.x, 2.0,3.0 and 3.1. The newest version of the USB is 3.1 which provides the fastest data transfer speed. It is capable of data transfer rate at 10 Gbps. Each and every version of USB port is compatible with previous as well as the next version, meaning that it can support any version below or above its current number. However, devices with lower versions will run at their normal transfer speeds even though USB 3.0 is capable of higher speed. Similarly, if a 3. 1 USB device is connected into a USB 2.0 port, the 3.1 device’s maximum transfer rate will be capped to that of the USB 2.0 port. It is feasible to use the same version of port and USB. Otherwise, it is useless to use a newer version of USB if you have the port of previous version.

Advantages of USB:

1. The USB is an easy to use device.
2. USBs are cheap.
3. It provides many types of connector and size available.
4. Its power consumption is too low.
5. It can connect up to 127 Universal Serial Bus (USB) components at the same time to one PC.
6. It can fit all of the devices which have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port.
7. It is capable of working in the absence of internet as well.
8. It is portable due to its small size.
9. They do not need any charging or extra accessories for use so they can be taken anywhere and can be used without any accessories.
10. USB cables and devices are easily available in markets.

Disadvantages of USB:

1. Its storage capacity is not too much.
2. The data transfer rate is not as fast as some other systems.
3. The length of USB cable is hurdle in connecting peripheral devices placed on some distance.
4. When a USB device (data traveler) is used on multiple devices it starts creating shortcuts and viruses.
5. Due to the small size they are easily misplaced, left behind or lost.

CPU Full Form | Details about CPU

CPU full form is Central processing unit, pronounced as separate letters, Sometimes it is referred to be as a central processor. It is an internal component of computer. CPU full form is (Central processing unit) also known as Brain of Computer it provides all the functions from very simple to very difficult steps. Central processing unit is the main component that performs all the functions and calculations in the computer system. It is a piece of hardware that is performing all the functions and calculations in the form of digital data. It performs basic arithmetic, logical and input-output operations. Its quality depends on speed and number of cores.

Central processing unit consists of three main components ALU (arithmetic logic unit) and CU (control unit) ALU performs all the arithmetic and logic operations whereas CU manages the components of the computer. MU(memory unit), it stores data, instructions and intermediate results. The fourth component is Cache which stores saves and retrieves the data at very fast speed. Since 1970 these components are replaced by a single integrated unit called microprocessor. A CPU is placed on a motherboard in a socket and each socket is made for a specific CPU which means you cannot place a new version of CPU full form Central processing unit on the old version of motherboard. CPUs get heated up in very small amount of time. To avoid the burning of the Central processing unit cooling fans and heat sinks are used. It helps in heat to dissipate quickly. Nowadays liquid cooling is also used.

CPU Full Form

A CPU works on the predefined instructions in form of a program prepared by a human. These programs are normally stored in the memory unit of CPU. After the processing of data from Central processing unit, the final result is transferred to main memory or RAM (stands for random access memory).
The performance and the total speed of a CPU depend upon a number of factors clock rate(in hertz (Hz)), instruction per clock(short form IPC), instructions per second (short form IPS) that a CPU can perform. It also depends on the number of cores, by more number of cores the performance can be improved. The number of cores makes a computer capable of performing multiple tasks at the same time. The better RAM is also helpful in getting maximum processing speed. Nowadays DDR4 RAMs are commonly used.

Nowadays most commonly used processors are made by Intel. Their latest 9th generation processors offer speed of 3.7 GHz (Giga Hertz) to 5 (Giga Hertz) in case of core i5 and i9 whereas i9 extreme i9 x series offer more speed but they are not for normal computer users they are specially designed for high-level gaming and other purposes.

Most commonly used computers for household contain i5 processors because they are economical as well as capable of performing tasks for the basic level of computer use.


1. Fast data processing.
2. Performs calculations at very fast speed.
3. Do our work of hours in a couple of seconds (such as long calculations)

1. CPU has no disadvantage it is an essential part of the computer for its working.

SEO Full Form | Details

SEO Full Form

SEO (stands for Search Engine Optimization) is a method utilized in web distributing to build site page perceivability and activity for a higher positioning in web indexes and more perusers. More than 250 million websites are using Search Engine Optimization technique. Composing an article utilizing Search Engine Optimization requires great composition aptitudes to make the article intriguing and simple to peruse. Vital position of key expressions and watchwords in the content and the consideration of hyperlinks will help the readership of your page. Read the following list to figure out that how to compose article utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO Full Form

1. Create outline of your article:

  • Articles should be elegantly composed, drawing in, and useful. They should exhibit another point on a particular subject. A snare before everything alongside helpful data makes individuals need to keep understanding it. Your article is supposed to be helpful, engaging, or generally important.
  • An well composed article with great substance will draw in more rush hour gridlock, which means numerous perusers will visit your site. This makes your article more alluring to connect advertisers and improves the probability of sponsors needing to utilize your page for their promotions.
  • Google internet searcher gives an incredible weight on the title of articles and web journals.

2. Create a list of main words and phrases:

  • For Search Engine Optimization it is vital so your distributer can incorporate it in the metadata of the page, which is a piece of the HTML code.
  • Catchphrases and key expressions are words or expressions that individuals would use to look for data on the theme which you are going to compose.
  • One way they do this is by enlisting the watchwords and key expressions to decide the subject of a page; yet they likewise recognize how frequently every catchphrase or expressions are utilized, regardless of whether a page is syntactically right, and what kinds of inbound and outbound hyperlinks there are. Hyperlinks are connections to different pages that are some way or another applicable to your theme.

3. Inclusion of Hyperlinks:

  • Hyperlinks are connections to another site page that is significant to your point. A word or expression can be featured and can be added to deliver web to which you need to interface. Make sure that each linked website is a good site and it gathers good traffic.

4. Content is easily shareable:

  • Content gets better ranking in case Google can see it being shared on other sites. Sharing it yourself like in the Building of Links to your Article. This is a step that is really a great way to start, but making it easy for other people to share can get you even more publicity!

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Advantages of SEO:

1. The results at cheap rates.
2. It provides increase in traffic.
3. More chances of getting into top searches.
4. Good return on investments as compared to the normal ads.

Disadvantages of SEO:

1. There are not any such type of disadvantages specially for users of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Computer Full Form | Details of Computer

Computer Full Form

Technically computer does not have a full form. Computer is derived from the word ‘Compute’, which basically means to calculate. Computer is a device that stores and manipulates information in digital form. Some people think that computer means a combination of Input-Output devices and CPU but unfortunately that is a misconception, actually, the CPU is computer. All the functions, calculations performed are done by CPU, CPU is known as ‘Brain of Computer’. Computer uses its specific languages for getting information from a user and return results. First programmable computer, that is Z1 was created by German Konrad Zuse between 1936 and 1938. It is considered to be the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer, and it is the first really functional modern computer.

The main PCs were utilized fundamentally for numerical computations. Any data can be numerically encoded, people took a long time to understand that PCs are fit for universally useful data handling. Their ability to deal with a lot of information has expanded the range and exactness of climate change predictions. Their speed has enabled them to settle on choices about steering phone associations through a system and to control mechanical frameworks, for example, cars, atomic reactors, and automated careful instruments. They are additionally sufficiently modest to be inserted in regular machines and to make garments dryers and rice cookers. Computers have made it possible to compare very compact objects or designs with the help of scanner as an input device such as Fingerprint comparisons.

Computer Full Form

In computer, CPU provides the circuits that implement computer’s instruction set given in its machine language. It is composed of Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU) and control circuits. It (ALU) carries out basic arithmetic and logic operations, and the control section determines the sequence of operations, including branch instructions that transfer control from one part of a program to another. Although the main memory was considered to be a part of the CPU, today it is regarded as separate. As the time has passed and further discoveries have been done nowadays CPU chips also contain some high-speed cache memory, where data and instructions are temporarily stored for fast access.

Advantages of Computer:

1. In medical department, the Machines in hospitals like X-Ray, Pathology Machine, Electrocardiograph Machine, Ventilators etc. and thousands of other machines are computerized.

2. In supermarkets computers are used to keep track of all the sales, stock, prices and the hired staff.

3. In education, computers are widely used to help students for better learning and online notes provision.

4. You can enjoy live sports and tv shows on your computer or laptop screen.

5. You can play video games for enjoyment and experience single player and multiplayer Games.

6. Computers are useful for storing a large amount of data.

7. In business, they are used to keep track of all financial and staff related activities.

Disadvantages of Computer:

1. Computer themselves do not produce any harmful substances but their productions in industries is a source of environmental pollution.

2. Data security is a big issue online as well as offline. Data can be stolen in a couple of minutes using data traveler devices.

3. Decrease in job opportunities.

4. Viruses can damage as well as take away all your hard work in a couple of minutes.

5. Long time use of computers are really harmful to human health it contains Joints pain, eyesight issues etc.

All the technologies have advantages as well as disadvantages we must use them for good purposes only.