31 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Technology Facts

Technology facts

The new inventions of technology has helped a lot in transforming the lifestyle of people, if humans today have reached the moon and mars, it is all about technology, but technology has not only positively influenced people’s lifestyle. Some of its negative effects are also on the lifestyle of man, but in this competitive society, if a person has to continue moving forward then the technology will have to take help. Some interesting facts which are linked to technology and how it has helped change our world and make lifestyle easier-

1. According to one figure, it has been found that daily 160 billion email send out of which 97% are email spam.

2. The word WWW which is called the World Wide Web created in 1990 by Tim beeners Lee

3. Three of the world’s largest companies, Apple Google and hp companies, started with a garage, even Amazon also started at a small level.

4. At present, the total number of people in the world is 7.5 billion, out of which about 5 billion people have mobile.

5. 20% of all the videos uploaded on YouTube are related to music only.

6. The HTC company that makes mobile at this time had the dream of creating an Android phone first but it could not do it.

7. Which mouse we use on computers nowadays, it used to be a wooden mouse.

8. Where people in India use mobile to make most calls, there are 80 million people in the USA who use mobile only to run the internet.

9. Though human blinks 20 times their eyes in a minute, when they sit in front of computer, this figure decreases to just 7.

10. Microsoft window tutorial is also known by another name and its name is “crash course”.

11. Google’s power consumption is about 15 billion kilowatt. This power is so much that many countries operate their work even under less electricity.

12. Mosaic is the first browser that was released in 1993, then this browser was also a huge hit.

13. Google’s search engine produces so much carbon dioxide (CO2) that we can boil the tea in the kettle.

14. If you find any bug in Facebook, then Facebook gives you $ 500 reward.

15. Where on one side the whole world is a Twitter and YouTube addict, the same thing in China is the Ban.

16. We all know that China is very much ahead in the field of technology, but here we want to tell you that 70% of all mobile phones currently in the world are made in China only.

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17. The message that we send in mobile by text, 90% of the messages are read within just 3 minutes.

18. Nokia Company’s first mobile was released in 1980.

19. Facebook, which is currently the largest platform of social media, its color blue is because Mark Zuckerberg can not see red and green colors.

20. Today only almost 25% of the people, who use keyboards in the world, can type without seeing the keyboard.

21. If you also use mobile phone while charging, then due to this the risk of damaging your battery is high and at the same time there is a high risk of battery burst, hence days the charger lead is given so small.

22. More than 200 million computers are traced every year in the USA.

23. Cabir A was the first mobile virus that was found first in mobile, it was first found in 2004.

24. Amazon, the world’s largest online company, was known as the first Cadabra.

25. We have to pay money to buy the domain today, it was available free before September 14, 1995.

26. Where TV took 13 years to reach the number of people who took just 4 years to reach the Internet.

27. The first banner ads on the website were shown in 1994.

28. The eBay Company deal around $ 680 every second.

29. Nowadays, the need for mobile people has become such that 90 percent of people keep the mobile just so close to themselves that whenever they want their hands to reach their mobile.

30. Email which is used for mail service is the world’s oldest web.

31. Spam Mail also way of earns some money. Anthony Greco was first person who was arrested in 2005 to send spam mail.

Salman Rushdie Famous Books

Salman Rushdie
About The Author

Rushdie is an indian born British writer .He was introduced to the world by his book ‘midnight children ‘ which is canvassed with ‘magic realism’ . He has unique art of story telling which cannot preclude but make us fall in love with the writing skills of Rushdie. He has received enormous awards for literature. His books are translated into forty different languages and even adopted into movies.

1. Midnight Children

The story of this novel received great accolades when it came out in public eye .This is the one of the most successful novels of 20th century as well as awarded the Booker Prize in 1981. It portrays the images of first thirty one years of independence . Saleem Sinai , protagonist , one of the 1001 children who born at the midnight hour of independence with incredible abilities .
This novel also depicts how life of Saleem goes hand in hand with the history of India after independence .Rushdie’s proficiency over story telling and his unique style of ‘magic realism’, listed the novel as one of the Great Books of the 20th Century by Penguin Books. Narrative style of the novel is allegorical.

2. The Satanic Verses
The satanic verses

It is one of the most controversial novel that ever written by this renowned writer. After this novel a fatwa was issued against Salman Rushdie owing to which he had to live a solitary life for years under British protection . A line from this book that depicts about entire controversy “From the beginning men used God to justify the unjustifiable.This book is not easy to fathom. It divides into nine parts and conundrum with so many sub-plots, it stretches the story of two actors from India Gibreel Farishta and Saladin Chamcha after their plane crashes . This book won the Whitbread Award for novel of the year.

3. Haroun and the Sea
Haroun and the sea

Salman rushdie’s remarkable book which is a perfect bedtime story for children. This novel unfolds in 12 chapters0 .I literally marvel at the skills of Salman Rushdie that how beautifully he wrote children’s book after an extreme controversial novel .this playful and light hearted novel he wrote for his son adds icing on his art of story telling .it is bit complex and lengthy ,covered with fantastic tales.

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Clemson Football | Athletics

Clemson Tigers Football information and 2018 Schedule
Are you a big fan of football? If the answer is a resounding YES, you must have heard of Clemson Tigers Football. They are traditionally known as the Clemson University Tigers. As the name suggests, the team represents Clemson University.Let us get into the history of how the journey began. It all started in the year 1896 and since then, the team has seen more than 700 wins. Dan Radakovich is the athletic director of this famous football team.The team has won two national titles so far and they were in the year 1981 and 2016. With 23 conference titles and being the national finalist in 2015, Clemson Tigers have always been on a roll.Since we are talking about Clemson Tigers (CT), here is a quick look at the schedule of 2018.21st October – NC State V/s CT

27th October – Florida State V/s CT

3rd November – Louisville V/s CT

10th November – Boston College V/s CT

17th November – Duke V/s CT

24th November – South Carolina V/s CT

Clemson football coach
There is always a mastermind and mentor behind the successful players in the team. Who trains the young athletes? Who guides them? Yes, we are talking about the coach of the team. Dabo Swinney is the head coach of Clemson Tigers Football. William Christopher Dabo Swinney is a wide receiver and plays the major role of head coach of the Clemson University football team. He hails from Alabama, United States. After the resignation of Tommy Bowden, Swinney took over the position.

Swinney earned his MBA from Alabama and then joined as assistant coach for Crimson Tride. In the year 2001, he was fired by the staff of the head coach. In the year 2003, he took over the position of the recruiting coordinator and coach. He has done justice to the position!

Clemson football rivals

When there is a game or any sport, there are rivals. After all it is a competition and there is always going to be someone whom you have to compete with. Clemson tigers football has also got rivals and they are Florida State and Georgia Tech. However the number one rival of Clemson is South Carolina.

Clemson football recruiting
There are 15 commits in the year 2018. The highest number was in the year 2015 where there were 25 commits. Last year, there were 14 commits. The national rank is 12th this year which is a big jump from last year. In 2017, the national rank was 22. Here’s hoping that Clemson Tigers have a bright future ahead. They are prepping for the upcoming matches and looks like they are all set.

Conor Anthony McGregor


When it comes to Mix martial arts no one can ignore the name of Conor McGregor. In today’s world sports he become a superstar, Conor was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1988. He completed his primary and secondary level education from Coláiste de hÍde in Tallaght, where he also started his sports career. The nickname of Conor is ‘The Notorious’. In his early life he played football for Lourdes Celtic a well-known football club. He started his boxing career in the age of 12, when he joined a boxing club in crumlin. Conor and his family moved to the Lucan, Dumblin in 2006, where he met with the future fighter of UFC Tom Egan and then they started their boxing career and start getting training of Mix martial arts in Lucan. At the age of 18 Conor make his first non-professional debut in 2007 against Kieran Campbell in Dumblin for Irish Ring of Truth Promotion. In his first non-professional debut Conor was the victorious and due to this fight he became a professional fighter and immediately was signed by the Irish Cage of truth Promotion. After one year of his first fight in 2008, Conor joined the Straight Blast Gym (SBG) and start training under John Kavanagh, who is a reputable mix martial arts coach in Ireland.

Current Fight of Conor McGregor

In the UFC 229, lightweight championship the two rivals came against each other on the Oct 6, 2018, Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. In the fourth round of the game Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated the famous Conor but the results of the game were not the same as they were in the usual fights. After the fight Khabib attacked the conor team members because they talk about his religion and nation, Khabib explain more in his post conference after fight that he is a peaceful player and do not want to create this type of scenario but no one had a permission to give their negative views about his nation and religion. After this whole shameful scenario Dana white, who is the current president of UFC confirms that Conor reaction was okay in his dressing room after the defeat and disgraceful attack of Khabib. Conor McGregor failed to claim the lightweight championship from previous two years he added.

McGregor Lost Fights

Conor McGregor got defeat in only four fights in lightweight championship since he started his professional career in 2008. He got defeat in his first fight on 28 July 2008 in the event of Cage of Truth COT-3. Opponent Artemij Sitenkov defeated the notorious and got the title of 2008. The Notorious lost his second fight against Joseph Duffy in the event of “The Uprising” CWFC-39 on 27 November 2010. The Notorious lost this fight by submission. Joseph duffy is an irish fighter and also start his career from 2008. Conor lost his third fight in the most famous event of UFC in 5 March, 2016. This time the opponent was American professional of mixed martial arts the Nate Diaz while in the next fight with Nate Diaz the conor was the victorious in August 20, 2016.
Fourth lost fight is the latest on 6 Oct, 2018 against Khabib Nurmagomedov and this fight is the most trending on all types of media due to the unusual behavior of Khabib Nurmagomedov after fight.

Conor McGregor Records

A saying is famous about the Conor McGregor that if you are seeing the fights of Conor please “Don’t blink” because if you do, you will miss the winning punch. Conor is famous for knockout wins and he holds many records for quick knockouts. He took only four seconds to defeat his opponent in 2011. Conor had 21 wins in his professional career and he claimed 19 victories before the final bell. He has most finishing percentage among all the mixed martial artists and these are the main reasons behind his popularity. He has the most victories in the UFC lightweight championship. Since 2013 he lost only two fights in UFC. Conor is only UFC fighter who holds two championships in two weight categories. He was the lightweight champion and featherweight champion of UFC. Conor was tested in three catagories by the California state university.
He breaks all the previous records in these three categories. In the reaction speed Conor reacts in 0.3 seconds, and during the test of his favorite and winning kick, he deliver in 0.5 seconds with 38pc higher force. Moreover he also broke the stabilometer machine record. He holds his balance up to 39 seconds while the previous record was only six seconds. According to the Professor of California state university Dr. Andy Galpin he is the most elite athlete among the elite class of athletes. The Notorious also has a record of most pay per view in the history of UFC.

Recent UFC Fights of Conor McGregor

The most recent and popular fight of McGregor was held about few days ago in which the the notorious was defeated by the Khabib Nurmagomedov. Since 2013 Conor is a most reputable mixed martial artist of UFC. He was the champion of lightweight in UFC. In the last five fights of UFC, Conor was able to get three victories. In 12 December 2015, Conor got victory in UFC- 194 against the José Aldo by 19-2 while in the next event of UFC- 196 which was held on 5 March 2016, Conor was defeated by the Nate Diaz. In UFC-202 which was held on 20 August 2016, Conor took his revenge by defeating the Nate Diaz by 20-3. On November 12, 2016, UFC-205 was held and Conor was again the victorious in this UFC by defeating Eddie Alvarez with the score of 21-3. In many victories he fights with the injuries and became the winner that is the big reason of his popularity among the people. He defeated in his last fight by Khabib Nurmagomedov and may be the fight will be rescheduled among these two rivals. According to recent news Conor is suspended for one month from the UFC due to the happenings of last fight.

Penn State Football

Penn State
Penn State football information and 2018 schedule

Are you a keen footballer? You must be aware of the famous Pennsylvania State University college football team. Yes, you guessed it right! The Penn State Nittany Lions team was established in the year 1887. With multiple achievements in their kitty, the team is highly notable.
The team has won two National Championships, four Big Ten Conference Championship and has appeared in almost 48 college bowl games. As for their home games, the team plays at the famous Beaver Stadium which is located in the University campus itself. We can say that the university is known for its football team.
The 2018 and 2019 schedule is out and we are here to tell you the same! It started on September 2 and is going to continue till November 24th. The matches shall happen during weekends. The upcoming important dates are the following –

October 14 V/s Michigan State
October 20 V/s Indiana
October 27 V/s Iowa
November 3 V/s 12 Michigan
November 10 V/s 15 Wisconsin
November 17 V/s Rutgers
November 24 V/s Maryland

Penn State Football Coach

Penn State Nittany Lions Team is strong in all regards. It is coached by James Franklin. James is from Pennsylvania itself and he is a former player as well. Franklin is currently the head coach of the Penn State Lions Team. He has held this position since the year 2014.
This is not his first time as coach because he held the same position at Vanderbilt University for two years. However, James Franklin has served as a coach at Kutztown University as well. In the year 2000, Franklin served as wide receivers coach in University of Maryland. He handled the position with ease and as much grace.
Penn State football rivals
When it comes to college football or International level football, there has to be a rival. In this case, Penn State has a rival too! The famous Ohio State and Penn State rivalry is not unknown for football enthusiasts. Since the year 1993, the two teams have played annually.

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Penn State Football recruiting process

As per James Franklin, the team is his family. He ensures that the recruitment process is a personal affair and the parents feel that their son is going in the right hands. According to James, it is not business for them.
The team is hoping to add top talent in their class of 2019. We have a target list ready and our inkling is that the team would be targeting the same! Names like Darnell Wright, Noah Cain, Aaron Young, Ben Smiley, Trevor Keegan, Jakai Moore, Lewis Cine, Adisa Isaac and Zach Harrison are in the recruit list.
Penn State team has a wish list of who they wish to recruit and the above-mentioned names belong to the same. The team gets commitments from the prospective players. The program has clearly offered 100 recruits but only 23 can make it to the final list. Let’s see what happens next! Only time can tell as to who will be in the class of 2019!

Elon Musk | Entrepreneur

Elon Musk

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk did you hear a bell ringing in your head? This name is not new, because we have all heard about this businessman quite a few times. Elon Reeve Musk is an investor, and also the CEO of SpaceX. That’s not all, my folks! Elon Musk is also the CEO, product architect and co-founder of TESLA. Speaking of TESLA, Musk has been in news for the same reason. Being an avid tweeter, he got into trouble for making sweeping statements on social media.
Here is a quick post about Elon Musk! Since he is the popular personality and a big fish in the industry, there are millions of people who would like to know about where he comes from, and the companies that he has founded.

Elon Musk Education

Elon Reeve Musk hails from South Africa, but he moved to Canada at the age of 17. He attended the Queen’s University so that he could avoid service at the military (South Africa). In the year 1992, he went to University Pennsylvania to study physics and business.
Musk has an undergraduate degree in Economics and you will be pleased to know that he did graduation in Physics as well. After finishing his undergraduate degree, Musk went to Stanford University to earn a Ph.D. degree. However, Musk dropped out of Stanford to start his very own company named Zip2 Corporation.

Elon Musk net worth

Well, Elon Musk is an educated man and he holds double bachelor’s degree. He is the CEO for several companies and is a big fish in the industry. Let us talk about his net worth! The investor, Elon Musk, has a net worth of $21.6 billion. Imagine the amount of hard work that he has put forward to become one of the wealthiest people in the universe. He is an engineer, investor, inventor and a business magnate. Any person would give up anything to be in the position where is right now!
It was after the success of PayPal that Elon Musk became a popular name. Just so you know, he comes from a family where his father was an engineer and the mother was a model. At the tender age of 10 years old, Musk got interested in computers and technology in general. Who knew that Musk would become the greatest investor and investor?

Elon Musk Companies
Zip2 and Paypal
Zip2 Corporation is a software company. It provided a city guide for the publishing industry (newspaper). Musk sold the company for $307 million to Compaq. After selling the company, he founded a site called X.com. Well, let us tell you that this X.com payment gateway became PayPal.com later on. It makes exchange of currencies easier! If a Spanish writer is working for a person in Chicago, they can receive payments through PayPal. It becomes easier to send money for personal use or business purpose.
PayPal has become the biggest internet payment gateway and the whole world trusts the transaction method.

Elon Musk wanted technological advancement in the world, and so he founded SpaceX. His vision and ideas are aiming at reaching the sky. His vision is that people will be able to visit space soon! Musk wishes to reduce the cost of the space flight.

Tesla Motors
Tesla is a company which aims to focus on the problem of fossil fuels. The company creates stylish electronic cars which do not harm the environment. Additionally, petrol and diesel price goes up and not everyone can afford to keep up with the rates. The electronic cars are environment-friendly and do not require expensive fuel.

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Famous Tweets by Elon Musk

Social media has become a platform where people express their views and share their ‘knowledge’ with the followers. The iconic Elon Musk is famous for his four tweets and two settlement offers. It was on 7th August, Musk tweeted,”I am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.”
There are over 22 million followers and the agitation grew after he tweeted three more times. Elon Musk loves to tweet The Tesla shares dropped 7% after his tweet! The tweet was a way of mocking the SEC. In a nutshell, Elon Musk got sued for tweeting, “Funding secured”. According to Musk, he was deeply saddened after the lawsuit filed against him.
Elon Musk’s heart is at the right place and we only wish that he stays out of trouble. The vision of making space flights affordable is noble because the world will get to explore what it feels like to travel and see the universe.

Banksy artwork | Banksy Painting


One way of giving a political message is by raising your voice and artists do that by raising their voices in their own peculiar ways. Banksy gave many political and anti-establishment messages through his work, the pieces of arts, where he used images of rats, children, soldiers, and individuals from police to depict his message. Banksy started his career as a freehand scribbling artist and he became a member of the DryBreadZ Crew of Bristol in the early nineties. He used stencils mostly his work consisted of stenciling

Real Name of Banksy:
Banksy has been quite successful in keeping his true name hidden, and most of the people have never bothered to know it as well. Well, it’s not truly a confirm call, but he is thought to be a man named, Robert Gunningham. Apart from this, he is also known as Robert Banks. This anonymous artist is thought to be born in Bristol in 1974. He then moved to London somewhere around 2000. There have been many speculations yet he has remained unknown as most of his identity is based on speculations.

Famous Paintings of Banksy:
He has given many anti-establishment, political, and capitalist messages in his pieces of work. Most of his work was two-dimensional depicting rats, animals, policemen, soldiers, wars, royal families and apes. There has been a work where a live elephant was painted with Victorian wallpaper and this worked proved out to be very controversial among the activists of animal rights.
In many exhibitions, the work of Banksy stood out notably in Turf War and Existencilism. He got very famous due to his own style and unique ways of delivering political messages in his art and his work are appreciated all around the globe. Slave Labour is among his most notable pieces and it is worth something around £400,000. He also published a book of his named, Wall and Piece, which contains his artwork. Though he is appreciated around the world for his art there also have been many critics of his work saying it is just defacing and nothing else.
In the Elephant Enclosure in the London Zoo, he left a certain message which became very famous, “I want out. This place is too cold. Keeper smells. Boring…Boring…Boring.”
And then it was June 2006, when he painted Well Hung Lover. It was an image where a naked man was hanging out of his bedroom window somewhere in Bristol. This painting became very debatable and the matter went into the hands of Bristol City Council.

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Why did Banksy hide his identity?

So with such skills and widely appreciated work, why would a man hide his real identity? Well, technically his work was mostly vandalism, so working as a public street artist and raising his voice against establishment, cops, politics and many social issues he was vulnerable to high risk. Some people think it as a publicity stunt, as he used his anonymous identity as a marketing tool. It looks so intriguing that not only his work is a mystery; the producer of this work also remains a mystery.

Golden State Warriors | Basketball Team

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors are a professional Basketball team of America. The origin of the team is situated in the San Francisco Bay area, Oakland. Team plays their home matches in the Oracle arena inside the Oakland. They have played many times in National Basketball Association (NBA) and emerge as a competitive and ruthless squad.

The team was accomplished in 1946 named Philadelphia Warriors situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is the first member of the Basketball Association of America (BBA) and later on it is migrated to the Bay area in 1962 and renamed as San Francisco Warriors, after setting up in San Francisco team changed their name as Golden State Warriors according to the nickname of the California state in 1971. Warrior’s team has arrived ten times in the finals of the NBA and wins the championship in 1947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017 and 2018. In the Statistics of Forbes, warriors are the seventh high valued franchise in the United States and tenth around the globe. According to a rough calculation, the value of the franchise is 3.1 billion dollars.

Why is the Golden State Warriors Called the Dubs?
In the NBA many teams have their nicknames for instance Mavs for Mavericks and Cavs for Cavaliers, these names are the shorten form of their original names. In 1990 the golden state warriors decide to propose a nickname to their team, they make it simply Warriors after that the fans pronounced the name warriors as W’s’ and after a short time the W from Warrior was transformed in its original pronunciation which is W’s (dub-a-u), at this time the term dubs was originate and this term become famous among younger generation in days and finally the team found their nickname as a dubs.

Best record of the NBA history
In the history of NBA, the most wins record in the single season is 73-9 wins and holds by the Golden State Warrior while Chicago Bulls in 1996 holds the record of 72 wins in the NBA history. In the year 1972, the Los Angeles Lakers win the 69 games in a single season and come at number three in the NBA history. Out of 51 teams, only 23 teams got the luck to become champions in the NBA. In these days the best teams of the NBA are golden state warriors, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. The most valuable players in the history of NBA were played on the side of warriors named Stephen Curry and Wilt Chamberlain. Warriors also had the most hall of famers on their side, 18 hall of famers played for the warriors while four have coached their team. The most valuable player of the year 2018 is James Harden of Houston Rockets while the most valuable player of warriors is Kevin Durant.

Owners of the Golden State Warriors

Warriors are the most reputed team in the current basketball game and all the credit goes to their players and their owners for their efforts to bring the name of warriors to the top. The first owner of Golden state warriors was Peter Tyrrell from 1946 to 1952 then after peter Tyrrell, the second owner of the warriors was Eddie Gottlieb. Later on, the ownership of the warriors changed many times, now in 2018, the owners of the warriors are Peter Guber and Joe Lacob since 2010. Joe Lacob is the American businessman and hold the majority ownership of the Warriors team while his partner, Peter Guber is a well-known author, educator and entrepreneur and Peter Guber is also a CEO of Mandalay Entertainment. Warriors become the champions of NBA during the ownership of Peter Tyrrell in 1947, Eddie Gottlieb in 1956, Franklin Mieuli in 1975 and Joe Lacob and Peter Guber in 2015, 2017 and 2018.