Top Ten must-visit places in India

The blend of diversified language and culture, India offers infinite no. of places to tourist. From highest snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas in the north to Vivekananda Rock memorial of the south; The Arid Thar desert in the west, to the east where the region receives some of the highest rainfall of the world. Though the list is huge, we have collected ten must-visit places in India without which description of India would be incomplete.

1. Manali to Leh bike trip-
Manali to Leh

This road trip is all time favorite and with the thrill and exotic views, It grabs a lot of attention of the tourist. So, kick your sofas and tie your shoelaces because this is what you have been looking for.

2. Kashmir-

Well! If heaven lies somewhere in the earth then it’s Kashmir .it has got everything to be it lush green gardens or snow-covered Himalayas. If you really wish to see true beauty of nature then Kashmir is your answer it’s gift to the eye and solace to the heart.

3. Jaipur-

With the touch of heritage and tradition of its aesthetic monuments, this city becomes one the rarest gems of India. Not only this Jaipur, the pink city — shopper’s paradise when it comes to buying traditional kinds of stuff.

4. Rann of Kutch-

It is blessed with white desert which defines true beauty of India. For miles, you see the barren land and crystal clear blue sky which is really eye-catching. Though you require special permission to visit, ones you visit you fall in love with this place.

5. Goa-

No matter which age brackets you belong to if you are planning to chill than Goa is your calling. From captivating beaches and its nightlife to exotic churches and temples.Having different culture and tradition, Goa always stands out. And Being one of the favorite places for youngsters, it always draws a lot of accolades.

6. Darjeeling-

Well in simple words Darjeeling is the place that defines hill stations. Its lush greenery areas, tea plantation, waterfalls are literally beggar’s description .if you love to be in lap of nature then Darjeeling is the place. Description of Darjeeling would be incomplete without ‘toy train’ which add icing on the beauty of Darjeeling.

7. Delhi-

The capital of India, exhibits wide range of tourist spots. This city always astonishes tourist by its places such as lotus temple, India gate, red fort, Jantar Mantar to name a few.

8. Kerela-

God’s own country .well !! adjectives are too inadequate to define the beauty of Kerela.This place is home to many wondrous things such as rejuvenating beaches, serene backwaters and dense coconut trees. Apart from this, it’s deeply rooted in its rich tradition and culture without preventing itself from being modern.Kerela has many places that are too good to miss such as Munnar, Alleppey, Kollam etc.

9. Meghalaya-

As Hazlitt says “We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts.”Meghalaya is one of such places. It is covered with lush green mountains, enormous waterfalls and numinous caves moreover, it possesses ‘living root bridges’ which adds icing on the astounding beauty of it.this bridges are made up of rubber trees over the rivers of Meghalaya, making it must explore place once in a lifetime. Since Meghalaya owns two great wettest land cherrapunji and mawysnram , it is also called as abode of clouds.

10. Udaipur-

The city goes by many names city of lakes or Venice of the east.and With hues of different culture and tradition, the city always ready to embrace people with open hands and ravishing lakes, heritage mahals and luxurious hotels never stop us from wondering. Not only that love is always in the air of Udaipur .since it is home to many wedding destinations and escape with your loved ones, again adds feathers in the regal cap called Udaipur.

25 fascinating Facts about Chicago

Chicago is a very beautiful and magnificent city in the US that spans 234 square miles in the US state of Illinois, out of which the land area is 227 square miles, the water area is around 7 square miles. According to the population of Chicago, it is the third most populous city where according to 2018, 27 million people live.

Let’s know some facts related to this city-

1. The term Chicago is derived from the word “shikaawaa”, which means “wild onion” or “wild garlic”.

2. First of all, the spray paints were used in 1949 in Chicago.

3. Barack Obama, who was America’s first black president, home in Chicago.

4. Chicago is also known as Windy City, City of broad Shoulder, Chi-Town, My kind of town, second city etc.

5. The color TV station was started in Chicago and it started in 1956.

6. Chicago is the only river in the world which flows in the reverse direction.

7. The world’s first playboy mansion was opened in Chicago itself.

8. There is also 46 Historic District and about 370 Landmarks in Chicago.

9. If you are looking for a place to roam in Chicago, there are more than 580 Parks and 26 beaches, you have a great deal to visit.

10. America’s first rotary club was also opened in Chicago.

11. Walt Disney, today is known worldwide for Disney Entertainment, was born in Chicago.

12. Artwork is very much liked in the Chicago, so there is more than 700 public artwork.

13. Zipper was discovered in Chicago.

14. There are more than two hundred theaters in the US and there are more than 200 art galleries.

15. There are more than 56 museums in America

16. Whenever we talk of Swami Vivekananda, we must discuss one of his speeches which he had given in America’s Chicago city. He delivered this speech in 1893 in the Parliament of Chicago.

17. The world’s first large building was built in the Chicago.

18. There are more than 5195 restaurants in the US.

19. The city of Chicago is considered to be America’s largest balance economy city.

20. If you are looking for a place to roam, it is a great place to roam around such as Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum Campus etc you can visit.

21. Chicago is the second most visiting city of America, Chicago is just behind New York, in new york more than 60 million people come to visit every year.

22. This city is not very old, this city was founded in 1780.

23. Even though the city of Chicago’s population is 27 million, but more than 50 million people visit every year.

24. America’s First Blood Bank Open in Chicago.

25. Martin Cooper who was invented the world’s first phone, he also belongs Chicago City.

18 Amazing Las Vegas Facts that you will be interested

Las Vegas is located in the US state of Nevada, it is the 28th most populous city in the United States, while it is the most populous city in the Nevada state. Las Vegas is known for shopping and entertainment around the world. This city other than the name of Los Vegas known as Sun City, City of Lights, The Gambling Capital of the World etc.-

Let’s talk about the facts related to this beautiful place

1. The number of hotels in Las Vegas is very high if one person stays in one room only at one hotel, it is taking approximately 288 years to stay in the room.

2. More than 40 million people come to roam every year in Los Vegas only.

3. In the year 1980, the hospital had evicted all its employees because the staff here had bet on the patient’s survival or death. Even a nurse had a kill man to win the bet.

4. There is a tower built to monitor Las Vegas that is about 1100 feet high and it is called America’s largest observation tower.

5. If seen from the perspective of space, then Las Vegas is the brightest city seen from the space, hence the city is also known as the Light city.

6. A beam light located in Las Vegas is considered the world’s brightest beam light and people can see light from at least 100 kilometers away.

7. There is a rule going on in casinos of Las Vegas that if a person joins the Black Book, then that person can not have entered casino again.

8. In the case of the hotel, Los Vegas is also Famous because 17 of the 20 largest hotels in the US are the only in Los Vegas.

9. The prostitution in Las Vegas is completely illegal.

10. A report has found that more than 1000 people live in underground tunnels here.

11. Las Vegas is also famous for the wedding because there are more than 300 married happened every day.

12. If you play gambling in Los Vegas casino then be careful because the staff here is very smart and specializes in theft and fraud.

13. The city of Los Angeles spreads 135 square miles.

14. MGM is the second largest hotel in the world in term of the hotel room and it is the largest hotel in Las Vegas.

15. Today even though Los Vegas has been lost in glare, but there are still many people who do not even have a house to live.

16. All the fountain and man-made lake in Los Vegas are currently being used by recycling water which comes out of the bathtub or in shower.

17. Las Vegas is also known as The Gambling Capital of the World because the casino hotels are very large quantity where you can easily go and play gambling.

18. Las Vegas has approximately 650,000 population.

California Facts

California, also known as The Golden State, is a US state that is inhabited in the western part of the US; it is a well-known state of the US with its capital is Sacramento and the largest city in Los Angeles Which is famous for Hollywood all over the world.

Let’s know some fantastic facts related to this state-

1. If California was a country today, there are so many millionaire people that it was the seventh richest country in the world.

2. According to a report, it has been found that California has more snowfall due to high pollution in China.

3. The language spoken in California is English, Spanish, Chinese and Filipino. English is the most spoken language, which has a circulation of approximately 58 percent, followed by Spanish 29% and Chinese is spoken about 3%.

4. California’s official language is English.

5. The world’s largest tree and tallest tree is also located in California.

6. California is the fifth largest supplier of food in the world.

7. The Golden Gate which is located in California, almost a person jumps in every two weeks from this bridge.

8. Approximately 12 percent of the US population resides in the California state.

9. There is a fire in the forests of California, so the inmates here are sent to extinguish the fire, and the punishment of the prisoner’s decreases and they are given more money for this work.

10. California is the third largest state in the case of the area.

11. The Head Quarter of three of the world’s richest companies is located only in California.

12. There is a bulb on California’s fire station in California that has been switching on continuously since 1991 and it is still underway.

13. More than 10000 earthquakes occur every year in the southern part of California, and some of them are so small that they do not know when they happen.

14. California has spread over1,63,696 square miles approximately.

15. 80 percent of almonds in the world are produced from California alone, so we can estimate how big California producers are.

16. City of California Los Angeles, also known as The Entertainment Capital of the World, is America’s second most densely populated city.

17. California is the most populated state in the United States, according to 2017, there are 3953 6,653 people residing here and the Population Density is 92.6 square kilometers.

18. California’s economy is 2.8 trillion $ dollar, which is much more than any other state.

19. In California so many prisons that there are more than 130000 prisoners in the present time

20. If California is declared a country, it will be the sixth largest country in the world in terms of GDP while the 35th largest in population.

21. Hollywood which is today Famous throughout the world, it was started only from California and Hollywood’s biggest star still lives in the city.

22. California is not lagging behind in pollution, America’s 5 most polluted cities are located in California.

23. One of America’s 8 individuals lives in California, we can imagine that how big a state California it is.

24. The quantity of crime is large in California, so here since 1980, 23 prisons have been constructed.

25. The state of California has banned the city of marijuana.

10 Amazing Facts of Rome

Rome settled in Italy is a very old town. According to historians, the city was founded in 625 BCE while Romans believes that it was established in 713 BCE. It is a very prosperous city at this time and the world is known for its architecture art and history.

Let’s talk about its Facts related to Rome:

1. The Rome is also known as another name such as “the Eternal City” Capital of the World etc.

2. The people of ancient Rome were worshiped to the toilet.

3. Room City is spread over 1285 square kilometers, in which approximately 287 280 people reside.

4. Rome City is the Capital City of Italy.

5. In ancient times, the Romans used to trade of pee.

6. About 20.4 million Tourist come to Rome every year.

7. Romans people had themselves counseled that is known as Cnet and these people used to rule Rome people.

8. The people of Rome were divided into four parts, the lowest level of them used to be slaves, and they were not given any special type of facilities. The Plebeians from the bottom came down to the second number. Equatorian who were used to come on the third number also called Knights, and the people of the highest class were called patricians and the real power of Rome was with these people.

9. In ancient times the blood of gladiator was used in the city of Rome. their blood was used to remove the disease like epilepsy.

10. The people in the Rome were very fond of eating food if they were going to any ceremony and from where they used to bring food with them so that they can also eat at home.

Top 21 Interesting Amazon Rainforest Facts

You will have heard a lot about the Amazon River and about the forest but you will not know much about it, so in today’s post, we will talk about some facts related to Amazon Rainforest. Amazon rainforest, located in South America, is a very dense and beautiful forest. In this forest has a lot of living creatures which are very unique and wonderful to see. Except. These all there are innumerable species of plants and insects are also found.

Let us know some specific things about this rainforest-

1. The name Amazon is derived from the Amazons of Greek mythology, which means the race of women warriors.

2. The first step by man in the Amazon forest was kept 11,200 years ago.

3. Amazon Jungle is the world’s largest rainforest, hence it is also called King of the forests.

4. This jungle is spread over 2100000 square miles, most of which is located in approximately 60% of Brazil followed by 13% in Peru and other countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Guyana etc.

5. There are 3000 fruits in the Amazon forest, which are worth eating.

6. Amazon forest is a very old forest, it has existed for approximately 55 million years.

7. Many countries make efforts to save the Amazon forest. Among these efforts, Norway’s country had donated $ 1 million in 2008.

8. The Amazon River, which crosses from the Amazon Rainforest, contains about 3,000 different species of fish, besides that there is still a search for them.

9. The width of the Amazon River goes up to 190 kilometers when there is rain in South America.

10. According to one figure, the Amazon rainforest has been cut at least 20 percent in the last 40 years.

11.. Compare the Amazon forest with India then it is almost one and a half times larger than India.

12. Amazon River, the river flowing through Amazon rain forest, is the world’s second longest river, which is approximately 6400 kilometers long

13. If this forest is declared a country it will be the 9th largest country in the world.

14. In this forest, it is mostly dark because this forest tree is so dense that it does not let the sunlight illuminate, due to which the darkness remains here.

15. The Amazon forest is also called the Earth’s lungs because it contributes approximately 20% of oxygen to the environment.

16. Almost 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced from the forest of Amazon only.

17. About 40,000 species of plants are found in the Amazon forest, while around 2.5 million species of insects reside here.

18. The boundaries of the Amazon rainforest meet almost 9 countries and these 9 countries are Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Suriname French, Guiana.

19. There is no bridge on the Amazon River yet.

20. Anaconda snakes are also found in the Amazon forest, while the forest is also known for spiders and many other animals.

21. Iquitos which is a city in Peru, there is no accessible road to go here. As it is located in the lower part of the Amazon rainforest where it is not easy to build a road where more than four lakh people live.

27 Fascinating Facts about Malaysia that you need to know

Malaysia is a country located in Asia which is settled in the south-east. Malaysia is a federal state which consists of total 13 states and due to the South China Sea, it is divided into two parts. The total area of this country is 3,29,845 square kilometers which is the 66th largest country in the world. In this country people of Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnic groups live and talk about the official language of here, Malay is the official language.

Let’s know some of the great and heart-friendly facts associated with Malaysia-
1. The official currency of Malaysia is known as ringgit.

2. Malaysia country has faced the attack by Japan, Japan nation attacked on 6 December 1941 on it.

3. The world’s largest sour fruit is also found in Malaysia, its name is citrus maxima, it weighs around 1 to 3 kg.

4. Malaysia is also known for export. This country is very big exporter of petroleum electronic equipment, natural gas, wood, palm oil liquefied, natural gas etc.

5. Hinduism is the fourth largest religion of Malaysia. Here, about 6.3% of the total population is Hindu.

6. The national animal of Malaysia is a tiger whose name is (Panthera tigris jacksoni)Malayan tiger.

7. Malaysia’s population is 320 42 458 in 2018 whereas its Fertility rate is 2.09

8. Four UNESCO World Heritage Sites is also located in Malaysia.

9. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia it is also the administrative capital of Malaysia.

10. Malaysia’s largest city is Kuala Lumpur.

11. Malaysia was also the slave of Britain like other countries, which gained independence on February 20, 1956, on this day the independence was announced.

12. In Malaysia, from 1962, the rule is that if you are between the age of 21 and 28 years, then you can take advantage of 2 years of military training.

13. Malaysia is also known for its architecture all over the world because there are two twin buildings named Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, this building was the tallest building in the world from 1998 to 2004.

14. The person who is chief in Malaysia is known as Yang D-Pertuan Agang, also known as King of Malaysia.

15. Perak Man is a full human skeleton found in 1991, which is approximately 11000 years old skeleton and it is the only skeleton that is the oldest found in Peninsular Malaysia.

16. Borneo, which is located in Malaysia, is the world’s third largest island.

17. The world’s largest flower is found in Sabah, Malaysia, known as Rafflesia.

18. There is 65,877 km long highway in Malaysia which is so long that it is more than 40000 kilometers from the circumference of the earth.

19. The number of tigers in Malaysia is also very high.

20. Malaysia’s official language is Malaysian Malay, apart from this, English is also spoken and besides this, there are also some local languages of this country.

21. The oldest English school in South East Asia is also found in Malaysia only. It was established in 1816 by Rev. Robert Sparke Hutchings, which is located in Penang, Malaysia, and this school is named Penang Free School.

22. Malaysia is the second largest producer of refined tin in the whole world.

23. Malaysia is a democratic country where the official religion is federal Islam.

24. Malaysia’s land border meets Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand.

25. And if we talk about maritime boundaries then Malaysia’s boundaries touch with Philippines, Vietnam countries.

26. The world’s best diving spot is located in Malaysia Country. Sipadan island is considered as the best diving spot in the world.

27. Malaysia is a Muslim country. There is a maximum Muslim population, around 61 percent of Muslims are found here. After this, there is the highest number of Buddhists and it is almost 19 percent and after this, both Christian and Indian come.

28. Malaysia Economy i the 38th largest Economy in the world, while fourth rank in South East Asia.

15 Amazing Acid rain facts

So far, we all knew that much rain is very harmful to us, but just a few years back, it has been seen that now another rain has started to be known as Acid Rain. It has not even taken a formidable look but it can do this later. Acid rain means that ice-rush, ore and fog in which sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are dissolved in addition to carbon dioxide. Of all these pollutants, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are the main ones and this is what forces acid rain to fall.

Let’s know some facts related to acid rain-
1. The cause of acid rain is due to chimneys, buses or automated vehicles, because of which pollution occurs due to which sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are found in the atmosphere which causes acid rain to fall.

2. Acid Rain which happens in Canada, it is not due to the pollution in Canada, but its cause due to America where most of the gas is produced which help acid rainfall.

3. Acid Rain is not just due to vehicles, it can also be caused by burning coke etc. All these things also spread pollution.

4. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide found in acid rain can cause you many diseases such as cancer, asthma and even heart-related illnesses.

5. There is no smell and test like normal rain in acid rain.

6. The first focus on Acid Rain was given in 1852 and it also started in Manchester England.

7. When it got more problems in the rainy season, the government paid attention to it and started working on it and by 1970 it was too much work.

8. PH value of acid rain is as much as a vinegar or orange juice.

9. Acid rain is so dangerous that it can damage your car’s paint but yes it can not melt your car.

10. When this rain is mix in the water of the pond and in the water of the river then the river and pond water PH value is increased, due to which fishes of water started to die.

11. Acid Rain has a PH value of 4.3 while normal water or we say pure water is PH value of 7.

12. The biggest reason for this rain is the air pollution, which is caused by vehicles and other things from which smoke comes out.

13. Acid Rain affects forests and its effect can be seen in crop too.

14. Human can also suffer from acid rain, especially in breathing.

15. Acid Rain also has a risk of spoilage of buildings, especially those monuments that were made in the old days like – The Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Jantar-Mantar Monuments etc.