18 Facts About The White House

The White House is America’s most famous and the biggest residence of the President of the United States located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue New York in Washington D.C. The White House was designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban in the Neoclassical style. Here are 18 Facts About The White House that you may know:

1. The White House was designed by James Hoban. its Foundation stone was laid in October of 1792 but it took 8 years to complete.

2. There is a Bunker in the White House premises to protect the White House building in an emergency situation.

3. The construction of the White House was completed within 1792 and 1800.

4. The White House has 132 rooms. apart from this, there is also 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 Windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases, 3 Elevators and 6 level in the residence.

5. White House is spreading up to 55,000 square feet area. the height of it 70 feet and width is 170 feet while the depth is 85 feet.

6. White House is made of white sandstone in the Georgian style.

7. George Washington is the only American President who has never been in the White House.

8. In the white house 140 guests together can do dinner.

9. White House is the six-story building with two basements, two public floors with the floor of the rest of the American president.

10. There is no charge to look at the White House but it has to be applied for 6 months earlier.

11. White House is located on 18 acres of land.

12. To paint the outer walls of the White House 570 gallons of color is needed. it was painted in 1994 and the cost of paint that time was more than 2,83,000 dollar.

13. There are 5000 letters in the White House every week, not only this White House also has more than 2500 phone calls per day, 1000 fax.

14. White House has been built for 218 years but today it still appears as a new building.

15. In the White House, the president has to pay the charge for all other things including food, toiletries dry cleaning etc.

16. White House has 2 twin buildings. one is in French and other in Ireland.

17. 5 chefs always work in the White House.

18. In 1812, the British army had captured Washington and they also damaged the white house walls at that incident.

19 interesting facts about Japan that you might know

Japan is an island country in East Asia. It is a land of wonders and surprises at every step. It is often called as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. But it seems that a lot of people only know the barest minimum facts of Japan. Let’s learn more about Japan. Here are 19 interesting facts about Japan:

1. The students of Japan do not have to take any exam until the age of 10.

2. 76% land area of Japan is surrounded by mountains.

3. Japan is consists of 4 big and many Small Island. it is located in Asia Continent.

4. The meaning of the word “Japan” is “sun-origin” which is also referred “Land of the Rising Sun”.

5. The earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 was one of the strongest earthquakes. its magnitude was 8.9 and the earthquake causes a Tsunami with the 30-foot wave that killed numerous person.

6. Japan is the only country that does not give citizenship to the Muslim even Muslims did not get a house for rent in Japan.

7. In Japan, about 1500 earthquake occurs every year.

8. Most popular game of Japan is “Sumo” apart from this baseball is also quite popular here.

9. Japanese people can say “sorry” more than 20 ways.

10. In Japan, more than 90% people use waterproof mobile because they even use the phone while bathing.

11. 20% of the books published in Japan are comic books.

12. In Japan, New Year is celebrated on January 1st by ringing 108 bells in the Temple.

13. Japanese are very punctual. Here the train also late atleast 18 seconds only.

14. There is also a building in Japan from which train passes.

15. Here black cate is considered to be very auspicious.

16. Almost whole population of Japan is educated. the literacy rate of here is 99%.

17. The average age of Japan’s people is highest in the whole world. Their average age is 82 years.

18. Despite being surrounded by the sea from all sides, 27% of the fishes are imported from other countries due to this Japan is the second largest importer of the world of fishes.

19. Japan is the only nation in the world on which attack is done by the “Atom bombs”.

15 Facts About Sports You Might Not Know

Every Sportsperson is a legend of his/her nation. Their awe-inspiring performances have been itched in the history for everyone. but what about lesser-known facts of the more popular, widely sport. No matter how avid a fan you consider yourself, here are some facts about that you didn’t know about the sports you watch.

1. The most famous sport in the world is football and it is followed by cricket, basketball and so on.

2. The first or oldest sport in the world is wrestling.

3. The Olympic game started from the Olympia, which is a city of Spain, from 776 BC but it was started playing officially in 1896.

4. The Olympic game was not played in 1916, 1940 and 1944 due to the World War first and World War II.

5. The participation of women in the Olympic Games was not allowed until 1960.

6. The Commonwealth game started in the Hamilton (Canada) in1930. presently in this game 54 countries participated.

7. Football was born in England and also brought to India the football by England. the first Football Club of India was “Dalhousie club”.

8. Wrestling, which is one of the most renowned games, is of 50 types.

9. When basketball started it was played in a cage.

10. In initially time, there were used to be 9 players in the basketball but now on this game, only 5 players play from each side.

11. Basketball started in 1892, and it was played with the soccer ball from its beginning to until 1950.

12. Usain Bolt has won many gold medals in 100, 200 and 400-meter race and he has also made many records and one among these is that he completed the 100 m race in only 9.58 second. this record was made in 2009.

13. Christian Ronaldo, who is the great player of football, is the son of a gardener. he played his first match at the age of 17.

14. The craze of football in Brazil that if Brazil loses a match then the people there commit suicide.

15. There are two types of Olympic summer and winter Olympic and each Olympic are played in every 4 years.

24 Amazing facts about the Moon

The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor and the natural satellite of the Earth which is seen in the night sky- whenever it is there. The first mission to the Moon was by the Soviet Lunar in 1959.Like the Earth, the Moon is unique in some ways and rather ordinary in others. Now let us see some interesting facts about the Moon.

1. 12 people have gone to the moon so far.

2. Scientist believes that moon came into existence the 4.5 million years ago. a mars size body “Theia” collided with earth due to which some part of the earth was split apart that today recognized as earth.

3. People think that the shape of the moon is round but it is not so it is egg-shaped.

4. The moon is nearly 3.8 lakh km away from the Earth.

5. The Moon rotates the earth and it completes its one orbit in 27.3 days.

6. If your weight is on the earth is 42 kg then your weight will be on moon one-sixth of your weight. it means your weight will be there 7 kg.

7. Among all satellites, which we know, the moon is the 5th largest satellites of the universe.

8. The diameter of the earth is 3474 km.

9. For the last 47 years, there has been no man gone on to the moon.

10. Surface temperature of the Moon reaches 125 degree Celsius at daytime, while at night it reaches – 230 degree Celsius.

11. Moon is the only natural satellites of the earth.

12. Moon is the only 27% of the earth’s size.

13. The weight of the moon is approximately 81 billion tons.

14. Only 59 percent moon is visible from the Earth.

15. When Apollo spacecraft came back from the Moon They brought themselves some pieces of Rock those weight were 382 kg.

16. The moon is shifting 4 centimeters away from the Earth every year. now it just takes 27 days to complete an orbit of the earth but after 50 billion years it will take nearly 47 days to complete an orbit of the earth.

17. The size of the moon in comparison to Earth is very small. around 49 moons can fit inside the earth.

18. The full moon is 9 times shinier than the half moon.

19. To talk on the moon is not possible because there is a lack of air in its atmosphere.

20. The signs of the foot of astronauts on Moon have remained for millions of years because there is lack of that atmosphere that erases those signs.

21. Like earth, earthquakes also occur on the moon.

22. After reaching the moon in 1971, Alan Shepherd hit a golf ball and that was fell around 800 Meter away from him.

23. Moon does not have its own light, it reflects the light of the Sun.

24. Water is also available on the moon and it was firstly searched by India.

25 interesting Facts About The Sun that will amaze you

The Sun is the most important celestial body and lies at the heart of the Solar System, where it is by far the largest object. It is responsible for the different weathers we experience on Earth. The visible part of the sun is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sun is a main-sequence G2V star or also known as Yellow Dwarf. This article lists 25 interesting facts about the Sun.

1. The age of the Sun is 4.6 billion years and it is considered that the Sun will burn for about 10 billion years. So we can say more than the half-life of the Sun is left.

2. The distance of the Sun from the earth is nearly 150 million kilometer.

3. The Sunlight takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds to come on the earth from the Sun.

4. Likes Sun there are more than 100 billion stars in the universe.

5. The temperature of the Sun’s surface is 5750 degree Celsius while the temperature at the core of the Sun is around 15 Million degree Celsius.

6. The size of the Sun is very huge. it is so huge that around 1 million earth assimilates in it.

7. Sun holds around 99.8% weight of the solar system.

8. Sun is approximately 333,399 times heavier than the Earth.

9. The diameter of the sun is nearly 1.4 million kilometer.

10. If the Sun is considered to be football then the earth will be equal to a gram.

11. The Sunlight travel with the speed of 3 Lakh kilometer per second.

12. Sun complete a orbit of the axis of the galaxy in 25 Million years.

13. The Sun eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and the longest solar eclipse was last 7 minutes 30 seconds.

14. The Sunlight takes 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach Pluto.

15. Norway is the only country on the Earth where Sun shines more than 75 days continuously.

16. Solar eclipse may occur at most 5 times in a years.

17. Sun takes 365 days to rotate the Sun whereas Mars rotate the Sun in 687 days while Pluto takes 248 years to complete 1 Orbit of the Sun.

18. In our galaxy there are 5% stars those are bigger and Shiny than the Sun.

19. In every second, equal to one billion atom bombs energy is getting from the Sun.

20. The Sun has rotated 20 rounds of the Galaxy so far.

21. Although the original color of the Sun is white but due to its environment it looks yellow.

22. After 7 billions 75 millions years the Sun will take the form of red demon and its size will be 200 times from it.

23. If the light of the Sun didn’t reach the earth then the earth will be completely frozen in a few hours like the ice.

24. The Sun is the body of gases. in this hydrogen and Helium found in more than 99 percent except for these two gases, there is also another gases like oxygen, carbon, and neon etc.

25. The Gravitation force of the sun is very powerful. if an object Falls within the almost 20 thousands kilometer then the Sun pull it towards itself.

30 amazing Cricket Facts That’ll amaze you

Cricket is a national sport which is played between two teams each of eleven players. It was started in England. The two main developments of 20th-cent cricket were the spread of international competition, as the West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and others came in to join England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa after the Second World War. Here are some amazing and interesting facts about Cricket:

1.The game of cricket is originated by England in late 16th century.

2.There are three formats of cricket test, one day and 20-20 and among these 20-20 is the most famous game of the cricket.

3.The length of the cricket face is 22 yards (nearly 20 m) and with is 10 feet.

4.The batting crease is marked 4 feet in front of the stumps at both ends.

5.The weight of the wall is 156 gram to 163 gram.

6.The maximum length of the bat can be 38 inches while width can be upto 4.25 inches while the weight of the bat is in between 1.2 to 1.4 kg.

7.In present time Cricket is played in more than 125 countries.

8.The height of Cricket stump is 28 inches.

9.The headquarter of International Cricket Council (IIC) is in Dubai.

10.The first Cricket test match was played between Australia and England on March 15, 1877, in Melbourne Cricket Ground of Australia.

11.The first ODI Cricket was also played between Australia and England in 1971.

12.In 1922 there were 8 balls in one over but after the second world war, in an over 6 wall has been done which is still going on.

13.There are exactly 42 rules in a cricket game

14.The William Gilbert, one of the greatest cricket player of the world, is considered to be the father of cricket.

15.The first international cricket match was played between the USA and Canada 1844.

16.Cricket started in India in 1932.

17.The first World Cup of Cricket was played in England in 1975, in which West Indies won this world cup.

18.The first world cup of T20 was played in 2007 in which India won.

19.Charles burns, the Australian batsman, was the first batsman in the world who hit the century in the test match in 1877.

20.According to statistics, Don Bradman is the greatest batsman of all time. in his career, he played 52 test matches in which he scored 6996 runs with the average of almost 100.

21.Sachin Tendulkar is the first player in the world who has been given out for the first time by the third umpire.

22.International cricket’s first run is the name of batsman Charles Burn of Australia.

23.The oldest test cricket series is “The Ashes” which is played between England and Australia.

24.Although cricket is born in England it is not won a single 50 over World Cup till date.

25.Chris Gayle is the only player who hit the 6 on the first ball of the test match.

26.Sachin Tendulkar holds the world record for highest number of centuries. he hits 100 centuries in international matches ( 49 in ODIs and 51 in test matches).Sachin also was known as the God of cricket.

27.There is also a player Iftihar Ali Khan Pataudi who played the test match from the two country. he played from India and England.

28.Denia amiss is the first player who hit the century in ODI cricket in 1972.

29.Rohit Sharma is the only player who hit 200 runs in 3 times in ODI cricket.

30.Australia has won world cup 5 times.

17 suprising facts about soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and it is the national sport of over 60 different nations and being played in more than 200 countries. In many parts of the world, soccer is known as football or American football and it has been a Paralympic sport since 1984. Let’s Explore some of the interesting facts about Soccer.

1.Football is the most famous game in the world. there are 3.5 million fans of football game across the world.

2.First football club of the world was Sheffield Football Club. it was founded by Natalien and Major William in 1857.

3.Football was originated in China around 476 B.C. and standardized during the “Han Dynasty”. they used to call Cuju game.

4.Football was started playing as professionally from 1895.

5.The most popular football competition is FIFA World Cup which is organized in every 4 years.

6.Football’s original name is “association football” and it is also known as in many countries by the “soccer”.

7.The most goal is scored by a player in football in a single match is “16” and this feat is done by the Stephen stenis of France

8.In 1964, in Peru, there was a riot in the field on the match referee’s decisions, in which nearly 300 speculators died.

9.First football match to be broadcast on the TV was the match between Arsenal and Arsenal reserve in 1937.

10.In 1998, 11 member of a team died due to lightning while the member of the opponent team was absolutely fine.

11.More than 80% of world’s football is made in Pakistan only.

12.Pele is the youngest player to win the World Cup at the age of 17 years and dane jouf is the oldest player to win the World Cup at the age of 40 years.

13.Oliver Kahn is only and the first goalkeeper to win the golden wall in the world cup of 2002.

14.The size of the football is same for the past 121 years.

15.The first world cup of football was played in 1930. In this edition of the world cup, Uruguay won the title.

16.Carlos carzely was the first player to receive a red card and this happened in the world cup of 1974.

17.Until 1913, goalkeeper were also worn the same color dress as others members of the team.

17 interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most iconic monuments and it has been the symbol of France and Paris for decades. It was constructed to commemorate the centennial of the Revolution of French.The Eiffel Tower was inaugurated on March 31, 1889. Let’s check out 17 fascinating facts about the Eiffel Tower.

1. This tower was named after the “Gustave Eiffel” who designed and built it.

2. According to a survey Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid place of the world. Every year over 7 million visitors come to see this.

3. The height of the Eiffel Tower is 300 meter without an antenna. if an antenna is included then its height gets 324 meters.

4. The Eiffel Tower was the world’s tallest monument until the Chrysler Building was built and it holds this title nearly 41 years.
5. To illuminate the Eiffel Tower every night it uses more than 20,000 lights.

6. When whirlwind blows this Eiffel Tower swings around 6 to 7 Cm in the air.

7. Every night till 1 o’clock and 2 o clock in summer Eiffel Tower is sparkle so that Tower can be seen from far away.

8. Eiffel Tower was made only for 20 years after that it was decided to destroy it but later it was used to another work.

9. In every 7 years, this Eiffel Tower was repainted in which painters paint around 60 ton Paint on it

10. This Eiffel Tower took 2 years to built.

11. More than 250 million people have been seeing this Eiffel Tower since its inauguration

12. In winter season this tower shrink up to around 6 Cm.

13. The cost of the tower to build that time was around 8 million France which is now equal to 35 million dollars.

14. Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 on the occasion of the completion of 100 years of the French Revolution

15. In this Tower, there is a 3 for visitors to visit its highest level 276 meter high from the ground.

16. This is the tallest monument of the Paris.

17. In Eiffel Tower, there are 1710 stairs.