20 interestings Facts about Mughal Empire that you didn’t heard

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Whenever we talk about the reigns of the kings, Mughal Empire is definitely discussed because the kings of Mughals empire were such that without the discussion these all, kings of old age cannot be explicate. Because All Mughal kings have their own separate Styles for which they all are known today, such as Akbar, who is most discussed for his fairness and after it, the number comes of Aurangzeb who also belonged to the Mughal empire, is discussed because he was the cruelest king of the Mughal empire, he has done many things, which is why he is considered to be the most infamous King, like breaking Hindu temple and re-implementing the Jajiya Tax etc. Apart from this, another king of that time that is the most discussed of Mughal Empire is Shahjahan. The age of Shah Jahan has been considered as the Golden Age of Architecture in the Mughals umpire.
There are many other things that are left to know about the Mughal Empire. Let us know all these things through these facts.

1. 6 MUGHAL kings rules on INDIA namely Babar, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan and Aurangzeb.

2. Babar, who was the first ruler of the MUGHAL empire, won the palace of Firghana at the age of 12.

3. Panipat’s 3 battles are very famous, two of which were fought by Mughal kings. The first battle was in 1526 between Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi and the second was fought in 1556 between Akbar and Hemu.

4. Babar is believed to be a founder of the Mughal EMPIRE of INDIA who ruled India for 4 years and defeated many Rajput kings.

5. Among all Mughals kings, the cruelest King was Aurangzeb who broke many Hindu temples.

6. In the Mughal EMPIRE, the JAZIYA law was first introduced by Humayun and accordance with this law, Hindus had to pay taxes and who could not pay taxes, they had to become Muslims.

7. By the end of the 16th century, the Mughal rule was only in Delhi and Agra, but by the 17th century, Mughal had ruled the entire INDIA.

8. In the Mughal empire, the most infamous tax was JAZIYA tax which had been closed by Akbar but his grandson Aurangzeb had started it again.

9. Akbar’s EMPIRE was larger than Ashoka’s EMPIRE.

10. According to Time Magazine, Akbar is one of the TOP 25 POLITICAL ICONS of HISTORY.

11. Urdu, which is the fusion of PERSIAN and Hindi LANGUAGE, was developed under the Mughal empire.

12. In Akbar’s Haram, he had 36 wives and 300 women.

13. Bahadur Shah had four wives, which was considered less at that time, but he had 22 sons and 32 daughters.

14. Kohinoor diamond was once found in Mughal’s “PEACOCK THRONE”.

15. At one time the Mughal EMPIRE had vanished because Sher Shah Suri had defeated Humayun in the Battle of CHUNAR of 1540 and ruled it for 15 years.

16. Akbar was 1st EMPIRE who used METAL CYLINDER ROCKET which is also known as BANS.

17. Aurangzeb had become the 6th Mughal EMPIRE by putting his father in jail and killing his brother.

18. The SHAMPOO that we use today was introduced by Mughal.

19. Khurram, who is known as Shahjahan, reign was called the GOLDEN AGE of Mughal Architecture.

20. Akbar started a new RELIGION in his reign, which was named “Din-A-Elahi” in which religion everyone was equal.

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