15 Amazing Acid rain facts

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So far, we all knew that much rain is very harmful to us, but just a few years back, it has been seen that now another rain has started to be known as Acid Rain. It has not even taken a formidable look but it can do this later. Acid rain means that ice-rush, ore and fog in which sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are dissolved in addition to carbon dioxide. Of all these pollutants, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are the main ones and this is what forces acid rain to fall.

Let’s know some facts related to acid rain-
1. The cause of acid rain is due to chimneys, buses or automated vehicles, because of which pollution occurs due to which sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are found in the atmosphere which causes acid rain to fall.

2. Acid Rain which happens in Canada, it is not due to the pollution in Canada, but its cause due to America where most of the gas is produced which help acid rainfall.

3. Acid Rain is not just due to vehicles, it can also be caused by burning coke etc. All these things also spread pollution.

4. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide found in acid rain can cause you many diseases such as cancer, asthma and even heart-related illnesses.

5. There is no smell and test like normal rain in acid rain.

6. The first focus on Acid Rain was given in 1852 and it also started in Manchester England.

7. When it got more problems in the rainy season, the government paid attention to it and started working on it and by 1970 it was too much work.

8. PH value of acid rain is as much as a vinegar or orange juice.

9. Acid rain is so dangerous that it can damage your car’s paint but yes it can not melt your car.

10. When this rain is mix in the water of the pond and in the water of the river then the river and pond water PH value is increased, due to which fishes of water started to die.

11. Acid Rain has a PH value of 4.3 while normal water or we say pure water is PH value of 7.

12. The biggest reason for this rain is the air pollution, which is caused by vehicles and other things from which smoke comes out.

13. Acid Rain affects forests and its effect can be seen in crop too.

14. Human can also suffer from acid rain, especially in breathing.

15. Acid Rain also has a risk of spoilage of buildings, especially those monuments that were made in the old days like – The Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Jantar-Mantar Monuments etc.

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